AllStar Backgrounds

AllStar Backgrounds is a full service applicant screening firm dedicated to providing the fast accurate information needed for making the best hiring and leasing decisions. More »

AllStar Backgrounds Employment Screening

AllStar Backgrounds provides background information to facilitate your hiring decisions. We can verify identity, provide previous employment information along with civil and criminal information on your applicants. More »

AllStar Backgrounds Tenant Screening

AllStar Backgrounds provides background information to facilitate your renting and leasing decisions. We provide you with credit history, eviction information as well as civil and criminal information on your applicants. More »

Affordable, Comprehensive Volunteer Background Checks

As non-profit organizations hire applicants and volunteers to serve the greater good, it is important that proper pre-employment screening take place to protect against liability lawsuits and other legal damages. More »

AllStar Backgrounds Makes Student Screening Simple

AllStar Backgrounds offers a fully integrated web-based solution that connects the clinical site, the school and the student so that the background check requirement is easily managed. More »

AllStar Backgrounds Drug Screening

AllStar Backgrounds offers a comprehensive solution for drug screening and acts as a third-party administrator that handles all of the details for the drug screening program. More »


AllStar Backgrounds

“Applicant Screening Made Simple”

Why Allstar Backgrounds?

ALLSTAR is your #1 source for professional screening services. With nearly a decade of cumulative screening industry, research, and security experience AllStar Backgrounds is dedicated to your business needs.

A well implemented screening program is necessary to preserve the safety of employees while protecting the public image of your company.

  • Accurate Results
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Personal Service

ServiceCommitment to all our clients to provide fast accurate results to simplify your hiring & leasing process.

ChoicesChoose from our range of packages or work with one of our screening professionals to customize your own package.

ControlWeb-based ordering system allows you control over all your requests including placing orders, checking the status of your orders, and reviewing results.

ValueNo Setup Fee – No Minimum Order – Volume Discounts – Payment Terms Available

Did You Know?

  • 50% of all resumes and applications contain some fabrication -Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • 33% of business failures are attributed to employee theft -US Department of Commerce
  • 18% of all violent crime takes place in the workplace -US Department of Justice
  • The average award in a workplace violence lawsuit exceeds $1,000,000 per case -The Workplace Violence Research Institute
  • “…background screening is not only necessary as part of a best practices approach to hiring, but, it also delivers real value to the company’s bottom line. There are scarce few business expenses that can generate the type of ROI that background screening can…” -HR MANAGEMENT